Aug 142013
 August 14, 2013  Posted by  Career Advice, Forensic Accounting
The Forensic Accounting CV Guide

“Preparing a Forensic Accounting CV is not rocket science,”   …said the rocket scientist whose CV we prepared.   We’ve put together an example Forensic Accounting CV and a preparation guide which you can use to check yours or as a helpful proforma. During the past 10 years of professional services recruitment we’ve advised numerous […]

May 222013
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Start the day with something Big & Magic! Big and Magic provides quick and structured access to accounting and law firm tweets and other social media communications. To help  you find what you are looking for: click on the link below that is of interest. bookmark it. every day, have a quick look over breakfast […]

Apr 132013
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Big & Magic on Linkedin

We are excited to launch the Big & Magic LinkedIn Group. The Big and Magic Exclusive Networking Group for Lawyers and Accountants has come about because there is no single group which:   1) Is exclusive to lawyers, accountants and their support staff in a truly members only group: Membership is exclusively for partners and […]

Nov 252012
 November 25, 2012  Posted by  About Big and Magic
About Big & Magic

The @bigandmagic twitter feed was set up as a social media hobby in 2012, to keep track of and curate the latest tweeted opinions, news and press releases from the 100 Top Law and Accounting firms in the UK,  the 100 Top Law and Accounting firms in the USA, and the top Law and Accounting firms in […]